Baytek – Rise EP

This latest EP from the Unknown Records bass pioneer is loaded with heat. The first two tracks 'Fuck What You're Thinkin' (FWYT) and 'Deadbeat' are certified bass bangers of the tallest order. Seeing premieres on and NEST HQ, with support from the likes Bixel Boys, Calvin Harris, Tommy Trash, and Anna Lunoe alongside locking in 20 stops around Australia following the release of FWYT; this dynamic duo of club closers feature heavy, majestic rhythms covered with catchy vocals to
appease any late night appetite.

After much anticipation the latest track from the EP is also upon us, something a little less intense – soulful with a futuristic rhythm, you know, for a 'Change'. Teaming up with the beautiful Ives from across the river in New Zealand to create a euphoric feeling blend taking listeners through a journey of smooth sequences overlayed with lyrics hanging in your mind long after, and just the right amount of bass to let you know it's Baytek…. In summary this EP is by far the strongest project from the driven young gun to date, and we watch with heavy breath the 'rise' of Baytek continue…

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