Francis Xavier – Pop Kulture

Techno wizard Francis Xavier has let another genie out of the bottle in the way of ‘Pop Kulture’, a deep, dark, rolling amalgamation and touch of sorcery set to satisfy all late night lovers desires..
The seven-minute dose of techno medicine is equally melodic and electronic, with a low end leaving nothing to the imagination but the working of his witchcraft. Analogue sounds compliment the complex composition tied in with sizzling synths, stabs, and a haunting vocal to sound out the spell. Just when you think you’re settling into the night we see the track fall off the face into a black hole break that rolls onwards throughout, seemingly to then fill with futuristic elements before an offbeat and new beginning brings the entire track back in a tangle of techno might.

‘Pop Kulture’ is an enchanting tune and one of his most magical yet…

Download. Voodoo. Dance.

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