Francis Xavier – Relax Yourself

Motorik and Unknown Records magic man Francis Xavier returns for his first release of 2019, ‘Relax Yourself’, a deep techno number that leaves no stone unturned in its complex composition. Upbeat from the beginning before hypnotizing vocals hook listeners into a deep and enchanting seven minutes of soulful synergy. The tracks inclusion of acidic elements, sirens and synths morphs seamlessly over the rolling bassline beneath.

‘Alpha State’ brings a driving low end with euphoric sounds and enchanting high end elements weaved within. A collection of simple chords sit perfectly in the midst of its majestic makeup.

Doppel, a first timer to Unknown, does due diligence to an all-round stellar release with his remix of ‘Alpha State’, taking the track in a direction that is true to its roots, yet incredibly unique, a must have for any techno tastemakers playlist.

Listen. Download. Dance.

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