Horowitz – The Drip EP

Unknown Records techno talent Horowitz has returned to follow up on his highly successful debut release 'Waxxx', with his sophomore EP ‘The Drip'. 

An amalgamation of dark and ethereal soundscapes, rumbling basslines and hard hitting drums, 'The Drip' is comprised of three complex compositions to cater to all techno enthusiasts’ ear buds. All 7-minute journeys to the deep and dark corners of the musical realm, the tracks found within are a testament to the growing maturity of this young producers sound.

Alongside the three original tracks comes remixes of the lead single by Motorik legends CSMNT61 and Unknown’s very own Associates. With flavours of the original and a sprinkle of acid for good measure, both remixes take 'The Drip' in unique directions making them essential for any library. 

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