Luke Alessi – Moon In Scorpio

Following last year’s stellar debut EP ‘Beneath The Veil’, Luke Alessi is back in the Unknown atmosphere with a new release to roll into 2019 – Moon In Scorpio.
A track of euphoric entity creeps into eardrums before a slow-burning bassline begins to build throughout a haunting and melodic techno creation. Waves of new high-end elements are introduced as keys continually bend around its melodic and magical mixture of sounds. Sweet, soothing and spooky vocals are seamlessly submerged within an enchanting yet energetic enigma.
The second track is a remix of label homie Nyxen’s high rotation triple J jam – ‘Chains’. Alessi leaves her lovable vocals predominantly throughout whilst warping this radio wave weapon into an upbeat and exceptional addition to any house heads playlist.

Listen. Download. Dance.

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