Pantheon – Timewarp (feat. Nyxen)

Unknown Records Partner and A&R Head Pantheon is back with an acid infused algorithm to accelerate listeners through techno time dimensions. 'Timewarp' is as equally club as it is appealing to the casual listener, the perfect array of high end sounds from all walks of the musical spectrum layer a back to the future bassline looking to result in a big bang of its own when it hits club rooms and radio stations at home and abroad. Featuring throughout with her infectious vocals is label homie Nyxen, who needs no introduction, featuring in her first record since her latest triple J, high rotation jam.
Radiation warning on remixes from another Unknown artist in Horowitz, and label heads Unknown Associates making this a full-blown family affair whilst providing a fitting track for whatever your fetish, past or future preference.
Spat out of the pressurised portal at light speed and unmeasurable altitudes is a track of simple synergy, a little new of Nyxen but perfectly Pantheon. So join the all-star cast in a Timewarped race throughout of space.

Listen. Download. Dance.

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