Prismism – Prisms EP

Following lengthy downtime in darkness comes a three track EP from Sydney tune talent, Prismism.
Suiting any techno taste making stage you'll find it leading off with the context and continuity only likened to a warehouse style of waveform. A melodic and mesmerising creation draws listeners into what evolves through a pristine process, as the track reaches high analogue arches battling low end variations. Mixed in with the perfect amount of grounding and soothing synths makes Continuity an immediate call for dance floor.
Decay erodes the predecessors melodic makeup with a low end full of drive, depth, danger and bass line. Some jacking elements complimented by stabbing kicks make it just the variation required to change the direction of the lead whilst staying true to its techno elements. A complex composition citing itself directly into late night raves.
Rounding out the three tracker is a remix of label mate Baytek's weapon from late last year, FWYT, this immaculate chunk of peak time heat completes the arsenal of weekend weapons.

PRISMS EP is out via Unknown Records ready for romping.

Listen. Download. Dance.

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